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Report Of New Appeal (Combined or Total)
  If there is additional information which does not fit on this form, please feel free to e-mail it to aberle@appellateproject.org  
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    Judicial District: 
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Trial Dates:  Trial Length [days]: 
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Motion to Reconsider Was:  , ,  
Was Appeal Bond Requested
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Bond Granted by Court?:  Bond Motion Pending? 
Bond Amount:  Bond Made by Client? 
Multiple Offender Filed?:  If so, when set? 
Level of Multibill Alleged?: 
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Level of Multibill Found by Court?
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New Sentencing Date:    
New Sentence Imposed:  
Brief Synopsis of case:
Defense(s) Offered:
Any Memos or Special
Pleadings Filed?:
(A full review of the record will be made, but we would appreciate information about anything that stands out in your mind.  Please review in your mind things like: Jury Selection; Pre-trial Motions; Trial Objections; Jury Instructions; Argument; Insufficient Evidence - which element; anything else which led to an objection.)
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